1 : Excellent Quality Outdoor Roller Shutters
2 : Custom made in our local WA factory,
3 : We will install and provide electrical connection
4 : Excellent for Security and Light control

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What Are The 3 Main Benefits Of Window Roller Shutters?

Roller shutters are a smart and secure option for homes and commercial spaces. The shutters are mainly used for maximizing security, noise reduction (of up to 50%) and blocking out light/heat (can save energy consumption up to 60%). Available in various colors and manufactured with robust material, these shutters are enduring and cost effective for the benefits they offer.

These Shutters are gaining popularity as the window covering of choice across Australia. Roller shutters are a good investment, they last for years and come with a 5 year warranty covering all aspects of the product and installation.

Outdoor Blinds Perth has 7 different color ranges on offer for these shutters,
Shutters are great for security and offer amazing proven results at deterring potential burglars or unwanted trespassers. This provides you peace of mind when you are at home or away.

They are easily operated – all our roller shutters are electric/remotely operated simply by the touch of a button. We include Gst, Installation and electrical connection on all our roller shutter quotations. Plus the job will be completed for free if it is not fully completed within 4 weeks from deposit – take us up on the challenge

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Have a look at Roller Shutter protecting you from unpleasant weather,
Insects and giving out a smoothing look to your preferred area.

Roller Shutter Colour Range

Custom made to your selected colour of choice

Color box roller shutter

Remote Window Roller Shutter Operation

Roller Shutter display after installation. We offer amazing packages in the best prices for outdoor window roller shutters.

BUYER BEWARE : INSIDE SECRETS REVEALED – some of the sales traps that could cost you $1000s when purchasing roller shutters.  
There can be a lot of gimmicks and sales tricks within the roller shutter industry and this document exposes the most common, we recommend not proceeding with any roller shutter purchase before reading this document and doing some research.  
1 : Extreme pricing : Way over inflated pricing trying to catch out unaware customers – this happens a lot and the pricing can sometimes be 300% or more mark up from a fair purchase price/sale. Pushy sales people charging far to much and then suddenly discounting huge amounts of the original pricing,  
2 : Pushy sales tactics : Pressure sales getting customers to sign then and there before the customer can think about what they are doing. Fake phone calls to the manager to approve discounted pricing. Advertising signage out the front of the property. All known signs of concerning sales tactics within the roller shutter industry.  
3 : Requesting full payment before booking installation : Whilst this practice is common in the industry it can obviously be concerning for customers as they have made 100% payment and no confirmed date for installation.

We at outdoor blinds perth offer constant fair fixed pricing. Our sales team are pleasant to deal with and we only request final payment upon booking of installation.

About Roller Shutters

Find out about the most frequently asked questions by customers planning to set Outdoor Blinds in their homes or offices.

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How do I clean roller shutters?

Roller Shutters need to be cleaned after every 12-18 months as they are exposed to various elements. For this you need a damp cloth as abrasive cleaning rags and harsh chemicals can damage the surface. Simply roll them up a small amount to expose the gaps between the slats and run the damp cloth across the surface.

How do I install roller shutters?

Roller Shutters can be a quite dangerous task to do on your own and even we recommend you to contact us for the installation as we have trained professionals for this.

How do I repair roller shutter?

It is normally not possible to locate the source of the problem in roller shutter and make the necessary repairs. However, if the roller shutter falls during the process then it can cause very serious injury indeed. Because of this we recommend you to contact us and hire a trained professional for repairing.

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Discover the Best Benefits of Your Outdoor Blinds



Filtered light is available at comfortable levels by partially opening the shutter and lowering a blind when it gets a bit too warm



Blinds can be up to 6 meters wide, 3.5 meters tall and can be left at any height you want by just letting the blind go.


Made from the finest quality that protects you from high winds, heavy rain, fallen branches from trees and severe storms.



Transform your home, office or any of your preferred living space at an affordable price with the Best Quality blinds.

Aesthetic Purposes

Variety of colors makes you choosy over giving out an aesthetic look according to your house furniture and painted walls.


Best Fabrics

Our Blinds are extremely solid and enduring. As an Australian invented and manufactured product, our blinds have been engineered to withstand the toughest conditions.


We endeavor to add value and comfort to our customers’ lives. Dedication to innovation, quality and client satisfaction is what we stand for. Have a look at what people are opining about your expertise and shade solutions.


We endeavor to add value and comfort to our customers’ lives. Dedication to innovation, quality and client satisfaction is what we stand for. Have a look at what people are opining about your expertise and shade solutions.

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Caring For Your Roller Shutters

Maintenance is the only key to a clean and enduring Blind.


They require minimal maintenance and it’s quite effortless. Simply, close the shutters and clean them with a damp cloth. It’s preferable to swipe from top to bottom. For best results, do this once in every two weeks to avoid permanent stains.


Avoid using liquid cleaners and water directly. If such a situation arises where cleaners are required, use them in minute quantity and in diluted form. This would protect the surface of the shutter from damaging and losing its original outlook.

After Installation

Shutters are stacked up and transported separately for safety and protection of the product. It is advisable to consult our experienced professionals or contact us, for set up related queries. After installation, the shutters are ready to use and no further procedure is required.

Advantages of Roller Shutters

The topmost benefit of having roller shutters is that they turn the windows into barriers, providing ultimate security for your homes and commercial areas. The shutters are quite strong so they will keep the window panes safe from breaking during hail, gusty storms and cyclones.

During summers when the temperature becomes unbearably hot, these shutters can reduce the heat up to 15 degrees. Similarly during winters, these shutters keep your space cozy without letting the chilly cold in. Light can be effectively blocked out through these shutters and noise can be reduced as well. So if you like calm and need complete dark to enjoy sound sleep, these shutters are an ideal option. On top of everything else, they help you save up energy.

We provide Quality Shade Solutions

Outdoor Blinds Perth is a local and dependable shade solutions provider that has been catering to the diverse needs of Aussie homes and commercial areas for a while now. We have locally manufactured products designed for Australian weather. We offer free quote, measurements, customized products and installation services.

We provide warranty for our solutions. Finest quality materials are used in our outdoor blinds, shutters and awnings so you continue to make the most of these products for years to come.  Placing order with us is quite simple, you can fill in the required fields to get started or just call us and we will walk you through the process. We have trained and empathetic customer support team to address your queries and concerns, connect with us now!