Choosing the Most Suitable Outdoor Blind for you

Western Australia is a land of abrupt weather changes but that’s what makes it beautiful and amazing. Enjoying outdoors can get problematic during the harsh heat in summer and the cold wet winters but with Outdoor Blinds Perth, you don’t have to worry about it!
We have been adding comfort and style to Aussie homes and businesses for a long time. We offer you full-fledged service from free quote, measurements, choosing the right product and installing it for you. We have a range of products that may be suitable but in the outdoor blind range we try to keep things simple.

Ziptrak Blinds Outdoor Blinds

Ziptrak® Blinds  –  Great quality track mounted outdoor blind

These Ziptrak® Blinds are by far our most commonly requested, recommended and installed product. They can be installed in residential or commercial locations. Common installation locations include outdoor entertaining areas, alfresco/patios, cafes/bars/restaurants and over windows. We are installing these blinds every single day.

Choosing the blind that best matches your needs and budget isn’t that simple. That is why team at Outdoor Blinds South West will walk you through the process. Crafted by Australian artisans, we have a whole range of blinds to protect you from extreme conditions like blazing sunny days, heavy pours and annoying insects. Moreover, our blinds will add an attractive appeal to your outdoors. We offer you a number of colors to choose from! Call at 08 6319 2551 to explore your options.


Crank Blinds – Roof to fence or straight drop

These Crank Blinds are a more basic design and operation but that is not to say they do not have their purpose. Most common installation location for the crank blind is from the roof (house eave or patio) to the fence. They can be easily retracted and can come in a waterproof fabric. When installed as a roof to fence blind the small gap between the blind and the fence allows all water to run down your side of the boundary wall without upsetting neighboring properties. The other reason these blinds are popular is they can be multi purpose and operate nearly on any angle you choose – you can have them as a standard straight drop blind when it suits or relocate to a roof to fence blind. They do not require tracks so in situations where you do not want poles or do not have anywhere to mount a track they might be more suitable. They are also more cost effective than the Ziptrak Blind.

Outdoor Cranks

outdoor blinds CATEGORIES

We have an array of outdoor blinds, pergolas, awnings, shutters, roof to fence blinds and window blinds for residential and commercial clients. You can have the products customized just the way you like!

Ziptrak® Blinds

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Retractable Pergola

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Louvre Shutters

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Crank Blinds

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Louvre Roofs

Louvre Roof

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Roller Shutter

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Discover the Best Benefits of Your Outdoor Blinds



Filtered light is available at comfortable levels by partially opening the shutter and lowering a blind when it gets a bit too warm



Blinds can be up to 6 meters wide, 3.5 meters tall and can be left at any height you want by just letting the blind go.


Made from the finest quality that protects you from high winds, heavy rain, fallen branches from trees and severe storms.



Transform your home, office or any of your preferred living space at an affordable price with the Best Quality blinds.

Aesthetic Purposes

Variety of colors makes you choosy over giving out an aesthetic look according to your house furniture and painted walls.


Best Fabrics

Our Blinds are extremely solid and enduring. As an Australian invented and manufactured product, our blinds have been engineered to withstand the toughest conditions.

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Caring For Your Outdoor Blinds

Maintenance is the only key to a clean and enduring Blind.


To apply, lower the blind all the way; evenly apply the spray in the groove between the spline and the track. Do this for the front of the blind only, on both the left and right sides. After lubrication, open and close the blind several times.


Do not use window cleaning detergents to clean the PVC. Clean the blind with Swiftee® outdoor blind cleaner. Never allow bird droppings, dirt or stains to remain on the PVC for long periods of time. 

After Installation

PVC and Sunscreen Mesh blinds have been rolled up for transportation. You may need to leave the blinds down for several days to allow the material to settle.suggest you to contact us and hire a trained professional.


We endeavor to add value and comfort to our customers’ lives. Dedication to innovation, quality and client satisfaction is what we stand for. Have a look at what people are opining about your expertise and shade solutions.


We endeavor to add value and comfort to our customers’ lives. Dedication to innovation, quality and client satisfaction is what we stand for. Have a look at what people are opining about your expertise and shade solutions.

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