Why Australian Houses Need Retractable Pergolas? A Guide By Outdoor Blinds Perth

retractable pergolas

The Australian weather can be relentless during summers, and we at Outdoor Blinds Perth understand how much shade means for homeowners. We are offering a wide range of outdoor shade options to the residents of Perth and surrounding areas to make sure they stay protected from the sun. One of the most stylish yet practical […]

What Are Some Common Uses Of Outdoor Blinds? (A Guide by Outdoor Blinds Perth)

Outdoor blinds

Outdoor blinds have skyrocketed in popularity especially here in Australia where summers can be relentless. Outdoor blinds offered here in Perth come in different styles, shapes, sizes, and even designs. So there is something for every homeowner when they visit us at Outdoor Blinds Perth to check out our range of outdoor shade products. Outdoor […]

Common Myths About Sun Sails You Might Have Heard in Perth

Like anything else, there have been some common myths circulating about Sun sails here in Perth and all around Australia. While sun sails are getting popular in Perth, they are not as common as some other forms of outdoor shades; this has lead to some common misconceptions about sun sails, mainly due to a lack […]

Can Sun Sails Handle The Weather in Perth?

Sun sails perth

Sun sails are getting popular in Perth thanks to their stylish yet practical designs and the shade benefits they offer outdoor spaces. Be it your lawn or commercial property, sun sails can be used to cover large areas without worrying about constructing complex structures. However, one of the most common questions people have about sun […]

What Are Some Benefits of Installing The Roof to Fence Blinds?

Benefits of Installing The Roof to Fence Blinds

Making the outdoor area useable is something every Australian homeowner wants to achieve during the harsh summers. While there are plenty of outdoor blinds that can help you achieve this goal roof to fence blinds are a minimalistic and flexible way to add shade to your outdoor area. At Outdoor Blinds Perth, we have installed […]

Benefits of Having Outdoor Louvers in Perth

Outdoor Louvers Perth

Louvers are a form of the roof system that can be opened or closed depending upon the needs. Outdoor louvers in Perth are installed at both residential and commercial properties, and they can add shade and weather resistance to an outdoor space. Here at Outdoor Blinds Perth, we have louvers for both commercial and residential […]

What Are Roof-to-fence Blinds And Why You Should Buy Them?

Roof-to-fence Blinds

Roof to fence blinds are a great way to create shade by forming a temporary structure between your home’s roof and fence. These types of blinds offer shade to your windows, and they make the space between your home and external fence useable even under the harsh sun. At Outdoor Blinds Perth, we understand that […]

What Are Sun Sails And Do You Need Them In Perth?

What Are Sun Sails

If you live in Perth or run a business here or anywhere in Western Australia chances are you are looking for shade structures to shelter you from the hot summer sun. You might have heard about sun sails or even seen them around in Perth and other parts of Australia. Sun sails, also known as […]

What Are the Best Types of Outdoor Blinds For Your Balcony?

outdoor blinds

When it comes to enjoying the view and entertaining the guests, your home balcony plays an important role. Not only can you use your patio as a place to hang out with friends, but it is also an excellent spot for you to spend time with your family. However, the bright sun and privacy issues […]

The Main Types of Heavy-Duty Outdoor Shades That Can Be Used at Home

Outdoor Shades

When it comes to enjoying outdoor spaces, one thing that stands in your way is the harsh Australian sun. Here in Perth, the average summer temperatures can range around 30 degrees Celsius, which is enough for anyone to cancel their outdoor activities. So as summer approaches so does the need for heavy-duty outdoor shades. At […]